Haven’t Met You Yet

“I might have to wait, I’ll never give up; I guess it’s half timing, and the other half’s luck; Wherever you are, whenever it’s right; You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life”

I’ve been a little dissatisfied lately with the prospect of meeting a guy. It’s no one’s fault really; I just don’t like bars, clubs, or random hook ups.

I recently read Essence Magazine’s July issue where the Relationships Editor Demitria Lucas was set up on three blind dates (against her sincere protest) by “her boss, her bestie, and her mom”. I won’t say that each date was love at first sight or ended in hopes of a relationship, but it was exactly what Demitria needed to know that love was still out there (plus she had a real good time with some real interesting people).

I wouldn’t say that I have a list, though my recent blog “Something Good” might say differently. What I do have is an open-mind and a willingness to get out there and try something new. So I decided to take the summer dating challege in Essence’s July issue.

I’ve attached the email that I sent to 5 of my closest friends, in hopes of their helping me with the challenge. I’ve also included the 3 pictures I sent to my friends for the beau of their choice. Let the games begin!

My dearest sister: 

I’m accepting ESSENCE Magazine’s Summer Dating Challenge to ask 5 women I trust to arrange a blind date for me with a an eligible bachelor of their choice.  ESSENCE Relationships Editor Demetria L. Lucas took a risk and had great results and a lot fun (read all about it in the July issue of ESSENCE). Just like Demetria, I’m not looking for “love” specifically, but to create some good dating memories and possibly friendship. I have faith that I can have the same experience with a little help from YOU! 

I am open to meeting great men (of all races, shapes, personalities) and I have faith you know me well enough to make the best selection for me. But please keep my top 3 requirements (yes, girl, they limited me to 3) in mind as you make your selections: 

* God-fearing/ has a personal relationship with God. (A given, right?)
* Witty- not slap stick funny, but great humor like Chris Rock or Stephen Colbert
* Trust-worthy: someone who does what he says he’s going to do.

I’m letting go of my fears and giving you permission to pass my name, email, and picture (attached) to any man whose company you think I would enjoy. l will be blogging about my encounters and keeping you up-to-date on the search for a Possaboo.

If you have any questions (I’m sure you will), let me know. If you’re uncomfortable or uneasy with this situation, please let me know so that I can look elsewhere and keep my number to 5. In the meantime, though, Hook a Sister up! LOL. 

With Love,

PS- And he better be cute


3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. ddough1352
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 14:16:00

    So what were the results of theses dates?


    • justlissen
      Nov 23, 2011 @ 22:48:59

      The dates didn’t really go the way I originally envisioned. I wrote about the possiboo: https://justlissen.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/come-talk-to-me/ Turns out he was just getting into a relationship. Toward the end of the summer months I wrote another piece https://justlissen.wordpress.com/2010/07/25/will-i-ever/

      It turns out my friends don’t really know single men, and those that did (I asked 20 people instead of the suggested 10) weren’t comfortable with setting up the men they know on a blind date. I learned that the challenge spoke a lot to the aggressiveness of women (or lack thereof). Which in turn made me a little more aggressive or should I say obvious in my interest… not that it’s lead to a long term relationship or anything lol. But I’ve been on a few interesting dates 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! I hope you come back and sit a spell, I hope you like some of the other posts. A pretty good place to start is the top 10 countdown. Thanks again!


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