Come & Talk to Me

“Come and talk to me, I really want to meet you. Can I talk to you, I really want to know you….I’m a single [wo-] man I hope that you are single too. Why do I seek something to set my mind free; cause curiosity is buggin the hell outta me. Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me.” Jodeci

In June I sent out the email for the Essence Summer Boo Challenge to some of my girlfriends. I got my first response on July 4th. It’s only coincidence that I receive a green light on Independence Day… hopefully this means Independence from my date-free weekends!

Unfortunately our initial 3rd party communications were rather awkward:

1st email to him, title: Blind Date

The subject of my email is a bit of a misnomer as I have attached a few pictures of my best friend.  If you are available and willing, would you like to go on a date with L this summer? 

L is a 2008 graduate of Georgetown University.  She currently works in Washington, D.C. for a government contracting agency, but that is not her life’s goal.  L is down to earth, very fun-loving, and kind.  L often visits me here in Philadelphia, so if you decide to go out with her it can be arranged during one of her visits. 

What do you think?  If you decide to meet L, I will give you her contact information.  Feel free to email me back or message me on facebook.

2nd email to me, title: Blind Date

D asked me today (via text) why I would want to hook you up with him.  I texted back “L asked if I knew any guys she might want to go out with.  I don’t know many eligible guys, I thought you were single.  You are nice, Christian, and have a job :)”  He said “Thanks.”

1st phone call me to him, date: 7/7 (in my sexiest voice)

 Hey D, this is L. I’m sorry to call you so late, but it’s been a busy day (small chuckle). I’m sure you have a lot of questions, which I’ll be more than happy to answer. Give me a call back sometime (insert # here), and we can proceed from there. Have a nice night!

2nd phone call, him to me; date: 7/11 (bad connection! I had to listen to the message 3 times before I figured out who called me lol)

“Hey L, it’s D. Sorry for getting back to you… so late, but umm give me a call when you get this message alright… Bye

After this message I was thinking about something Pastor Todd said on Monday: women uses 3times as many words in a day than men. I sincerely feel like some verbose lack-wit. And as awkward as these communications were, I’m still going to push through though. I said I would do this challenge and I’m going to complete it.

It would be fitting that today is Bastille Day, the day the French gained their independence; also the day that I’ll be call D back and hopefully speak to him and not his answering machine.


3rd phone call: 7/14

Hey D. It seems that we keep missing each other. Maybe you should leave me a good time to call you. Have a  great weekend.

Maybe he’ll be able to tell by the sound of my voice, that I’m over it… if you’re not interested then move the crap on… this back and forth is annoying… truly.


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