Wild Women Do

“You tell me you want a woman who’s, As simple as a flower. Well if you want me to act like that, You’d better pay me by the hour. Wild women do, And they don’t regret it, Wild women show, What they’re goin’ through, Wild women do, What you think they’ll never, What you only dream about, Wild women do.” Natalie Cole

If you’ve ever seen the movie pretty woman, you would know how I felt this weekend. A good friend C and I went shopping for a whole new wardrobe on Saturday. It was awesome!

A precursor to this excursion was the constant comments I would get about my work outfits. Either I’m too dressed up, too old-looking, dowdy, or something. I never get the combination right. So I enlisted the help of a great feminine fashionista, C.

I couldn’t help but channel Julia Roberts/Vivianne as I went from store to store with my Eddie (C). She picked out the greatest shirts and dresses,  things that I would never even consider buying for myself. Just like Vivianne, the way I see myself is not the way others see me. I still consider myself this awkward, overweight, turtle-esq teenager. But it’s nice that C could see the possibility of more and picked clothes that compliment who I want to be (more the Sex in the City cosmopolite).

A good thing about our little shopping adventure was me knowing what I like. I’m not huge on prints; I love 40’s glam and the princess look; I wear jewel tones and pastels well; and I have a lot of high heels in my closet.

*Side Note*: How come they don’t tell you that high, high heels lead to corns? I have a corn on each of my ring toes :(. It’s ok though Dr. Scholl’s understands my obsessions with 4″ + heels and makes products that speaks to my problems ;o).

I ended up with 3 dresses, 8 shirts, and 2 capri pants (never worn capris before). The highlight of this tour de magasin: the clothes C picked out were like 2 sizes smaller than what I would have chosen for myself. It’s so true what the fashion team on What Not To Wear states: bigger sizes make you look bigger. I felt so chic today when I put on my new coral ruffle collared shirt, a pair of blue slacks, and my super high heels. Tres jolie!

I’ll probably be updating the blog frequently with my new outfits… but here’s the latest from today. In the face shot I tried a new gold glimmer lip gloss, its real cute (in my best PG voice).


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 17:22:14

    Three words: YES, YES & YES!

    I l-o-v-e today’s outfit from head to toe. The coral looks amazing on your skin (cute earrings btw) and I still can’t get over those pumps! I adore them even more because they are size 11!!

    Move over Carrie Bradshaw. L-Boogey just might give you a run for your money 😉 Let flyness continue! Keep the pics coming.


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