“When you get elevated, They love it or they hate it, You dance up on them haters, Keep getting funky on the scene, While they jumpin’ round ya, They trying to take all of your dreams, But you can’t allow it.
Cause baby whether you’re high or low, Whether you’re high or low, You gotta tip on the tightrope.” Janelle Monae

 It seems that whether I have a good day or a bad day, there are high and low components that comprise the day. Usually the general tally by COB decides the overall outcome of the day.

Yesterday (July 19) definitely weighed heavily on the bad elements.

I got to work as usual and began packing for the big move fo which we were given less than one-week’s notice. My boss comes in to the office in a flurry… “I need you.. now”. Immediately whatever I’m working on stops and I prepare myself for a new assignment. Of course this assignment involves an hour-long conference call, identifying the problem, perfecting the letter (more emails), a mail merge for 150+ employees, readying that same mail merge for postage (stuffing envelopes, taping them shut, going to the post-office, having to put a stamp on each envelope individually, etc). In the process of this pressing need, I have an argument with the office administrator over postage.

” We don’t have enough postage on the meter for 150+ letters!”, “You TAPED the envelopes closed? [proceeds to take the tape off of the envelopes] “these are all wrong, I’ll have to redo them all. You can only seal enveloped with CLEAR scotch tape, not the FROSTED scotch tape {WHAT?!?!}”

Mind you, I was given two hours to complete this task. The OA was leaning on my last good twenty minutes. I ended up having to snatch away the envelopes in the midst of her taking apart my hard work. Urgently I rushed to the postoffice, only to wait in line for 25 minutes and have the lady hand me 150+ stamps and tell me to move aside. I promise you, I almost lost Jesus yesterday. Another 20 minutes to put stamps on the envelopes only to wait in line again and have another PO lady say “Oh yea I saw you working hard over there…”. Ma’am, could you have helped me?

Did I also mention that while I struggled to put these tiny, sticky pieces of paper in the right-hand corner of the envelope, I was on my Blackberry walking a co-worker through opening up the webinar conference we had scheduled at 3pm. So I’m standing in the stuffy, steamy post office, trying to calm the coworker on the phone who’s getting frustrated because he doesn’t know anything about AT&T Connect meetings; sweat is dripping down my neck and coursing down my spine as it pools on the elastic band on my undies, I switch pressure on  my feet every few minutes because the muggy PO is making me toes slide in my 3+” heels. I was a hot mess (literally).

The post office excursion ends about 3:25. I walk into the office around 3:30, rushing to prepare for a 4pm budget meeting. Already my nerves are fried and I seek Strawberry Starbursts to alleviate the tension coiling inside of me.

The meeting starts off as a disaster. I’m running back and forth from my office to the meeting trying to extinguish fires from every angle, needing to answer questions at the drop of a hat. I hate repeating myself, so when we’ve repeatedly scoured the records for corrections to your budget and then you forget the response when you see the charge again? C’mon Son! (a la DD).

What really floored me was how many times this man threw me under the bus!?! Reiterated several times “Well, I just don’t understand this… you didn’t give me the information I need L… you didn’t prepare this correctly”. I literally was inching out of my chair every single time a condescending remark was aimed in my direction.

By the end of the day, I was fuming! I didn’t leave work until after 6pm when I knew I had somewhere to be at 6:15! So I rush downtown to Indulj for a volunteer meetings. When I arrive the whole party has left! My luck is atrocious!

I leave Indulj (I mean I battled rush hour traffic and the parking police to get there!), and rush home. But what about dinner? I didn’t feel like cooking, so where to I go? McDonalds! I swear that a mixture of PMS and irritation makes me eat the worst foods ever!

I get home, cook lunch for the next day, iron my clothes… etc. But TTFN calls for a chat about my visiting her. I rush to the car to get my work laptop. On the way back to the house, my flip-flop slips on the rainy pavement. I stub my big toe into the sidewalk and the rest of my foot slides with the flip-flop. The pain was immense.

I hobble back into the house only to realize that my toe may be broken or severely sprained. Quel dommage!

I lay down around midnight with a throbbing toe and a feeling of dread for the following work day… But at least I looked cute…

Check out the new dress!


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