Make Me A Present of You

“I don’t want a mountain of diamonds, And a valley of gold wouldn’t do, but if you want to make me happy, Just make me a present of you! So I’ll take your arms for my palace, And the sky for my room with a view; I know that I’ll make you happy, yes, If you make me a present of you!” Dinah Washington

I don’t know if I like weddings or not… but I went to  D & J’s wedding today… it was gorgeous.

I think the reason why I’m so hesitant about weddings, is that I haven’t seen a marriage in my family work. Something MK said really hit me. “People enter into marriage for selfish, pleasure filled reasons”. Being a child of christ helps me to understand that marriage isn’t about love for one another, but an outward example of God’s love. That’s powerful. It makes me reluctant to even consider courting and thus the outcome marriage. Have I reached a point where I can be completely selfless and love my husband, submit to his will, let him reign over the household. After living an independent life since I was 15, often struggling to make decisions for myself but knowing in the end that the consequences only effected me; how do I relinquish this self-sufficient, darwinian mentality in order to cleave to my husband?

Clearly, I’m not ready. Ready to date? YES. Ready to get married, HECK NO!

Honestly, the biggest obstacle between me and a stable marriage is my family. You are to forsake all others in order to focus on the tripod that you vowed to uphold. My family knows that I would drop everything in a millisecond to take care of them. Until I learn to compartmentalize my life, my relationships will fail.

But that’s what I love about Christian weddings. They realize and acknowledge the true purpose of marriage. They have created a vision, with God in the centerfold. Their vows aren’t empty promises of love everlasting, but re-commitments to God’s truth and vows to uphold their Christian walk… but as a couple.

It’s simply beautiful.

I’ve included a few pictures because everyone should see a glimmer of true love… God’s love manifested in the weaving of two journeys.

I can’t wait for BABIES! 🙂

P.S. Note the dress… yea it’s new *muah*


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