Come Away With Me

“Come away with me and we’ll kiss, On a Mountaintop. Come away with me and I’ll never stop loving you. And I want to wake up with the rain, falling on a tin roof, While I’m safe here in your arms. So all I ask is for you, to come away with me in the night. Come away with me.” Norah Jones

It’s really hard to be a Christian because at the same time I’m human, and more importantly I’m a woman. I constantly have emotions, desires, temptations coursing through my thoughts… Like tonight. I had a great day. I woke up, went to the Amish Farmers Market in Easton, MD with a co-worker. Shopped at the Outlets near Wilmington. Went to see Takers with the fine, super-sexy Idris Elba (hubba-hubba!) Under normal circumstances, I would be perfectly sated to climb into my bed and go to sleep.

Well I’m tired but not perfectly sated. The first thing I thought about when I stepped out of my car to walk into my house: I wish I had someone waiting for me. So even though I’m enjoying this season of singleness that allows me to walk around my house semi-nude, not shower on the weekends if I don’t want to, not be ashamed when my wilderbeast eyebrows aren’t waxed (etc); I’m not afraid to say that it would be nice to be greeted with open arms and a lingering kiss.

Don’t you want to just come away with me?

During the Jill Scott/ Maxwell Concert with Femi & LaD


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