Seven Whole Days

“Seven whole days and not a word from you. Seven whole nights and I’m just about through. I can’t take it, won’t take it, can’t take it no more. I had about enough of you. I’d rather be on my own. Yes, on my own.” Tony Braxton

 While aimlessly drifting at work, I read a friend’s blog about the “Love Cleanse” which highlighted a few steps on how to rid yourself of this addiction to love. It was nice to know that the question “Why do I like people who don’t like me back?” is universal and not relegated to females only. The notion that hit me most was his line: “I started seeing life through the lens of love addiction and I wanted to quit — cold turkey.”

“Our world is ruled by LOVE. You might think it’s money, but below the desire of money is the desire to be Loved. ” I mean even Jay-Z, a multi-millionaire with the hottest arm-candy ever, confessed in his 16 bars: “Everybody wanna know what my Achilles Heel is: Love. I don’t get enough of it. All I get is these vampires and bloodsuckers…” Monster

It’s hard for me to imagine that someone like Jay-Z could ever feel incomplete. Jay-Z, how could you look in one of the trillion mirrors in your over-priced mansion and feel inadequate? But that’s the harsh truth of human nature. We deem satisfaction in terms of emotional fulfillment at every millisecond of our life. And the moment our emotional dial skews in an adverse direction we compulsively seek tangible refuge from our “intolerable reality”; thus validating our seemingly inconsequential existence.

So I’m cleansing myself from going after the abstract, elusive idea that Mr. Right is coming for me. Negro, I don’t even need you!

I’m taking the short rules from iWrite’s blog:

  1. No dating
  2. No flirting (which obviously includes giving out the digits, initiating conversation with a boy you happen to find attractive, etc.)
  3. No kissing (or any other physical activity, for that matter)
  4. No obsessing, ruminating, cyber stalking, and no mentally or physically engaging with anyone with whom you have a history of drama or are seeking to break free from.
  5. Increasing physical activity.
  6. Living healthy which includes getting PLENTY of rest.
  7. Journal your experience.

For some reasons I don’t think these rules are strict enough seeing as how I’m not doing most of the ones I shouldn’t, and I am doing the ones I should. Not cleansed yet… so I’ve decided to add some of my own rules.

  1. Find perfection in the imperfection: every time I have a bad thought about myself, I’ll combat it with something positive. For instance: my pants are sooo uncomfortable today and I feel like a bloated whale… but my hair looks lovely and I’m really happy to have such definitive hair.
  2. Treat myself more
  3. Take pride in my appearance EVERYday, even those ones where I don’t wake up on time.
  4. Smile more
  5. Stop brining up men/relationships/love in common conversations
  6. Believe in the impossible

So I have 30 days of this positive affirmation stuff. We will see how it goes. At least you can expect more blogs from me.


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