“I’ll never talk again, oh boy, you left me speechless, you left me speechless so speechless. I’ll never love again, you left me speechless, you left me speechless, so speechless. And I know that it’s complicated, But I’m a loser in love, so baby, raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts, of all my wrecked up friends”  Lady GaGa

Of course I receive the most disturbing Facebook message from MYD. Why does he do this crap?

“j ai trouvé une fille nigerienne qui m aime trop et moi je suis d elle je voudrais meme faire un projet de mariage avec elle car je n arrive plus a me separer d elle t-res sympa et amusante aussi on veut tous vivre ensemble…mais plein de choses nous sommes un tresor i can’t forget you.”

For those of you who don’t speak French… Basically he said that he’s found someone who he really loves and who loves him in return. He can’t possibly think of separating from her. And in summary he wants to marry her. In the same sentence, before the period, he said: but I think of all the times we had together. My mind goes back to June, July and all the moments we had. Our time together was a treasure, I can’t forget you.

What in the world?

For one, where does a guy get off even saying these things? How do you think this makes me feel? LIKE CRAP. I mean I don’t take this as a compliment. This is the same dude who told me he wanted to marry me… marriage is like asking someone out to dinner for him; it’s the next step in the progression of the relationship.

First of all, you’re profession of love really makes a mockery of not only our relationship, but your current one.

Secondly, you look like an IDIOT.

Thirdly, you have NO IDEA what love is.

A guy recently told me I think like a dude… I would agree. When I’m done with a relationship, a man, a moment… then I’m DONE! There’s no going back, there’s no erasing the bad memories.

My body definitely holds a memory longer than my mind. I think about those mind-blowing kisses. I’ve never been kissed like that! And I think about the times you would hug me or put your arm around me. I remember all of those dances, where you held me close and breathed in my scent.

THEN those memories are transformed into nightmares of the times I begged you not to leave. Of the scorn I received multiple times from your mother where you literally THREW me under the BUS. I’m haunted by the times you ignored me, abandoned me, and rejected me… Where was the love then, nicca?

WHEW… those resurfacing recollections that have scarred me for other men. Take your notion of love and your new relationship and rocket your selfish ass back to Pluto, you jet-black son of a biscuit-eater.

I’m so done with you…


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