Thoughts of Love

“Most have longed for a love I’ve been searching. Love that won’t ever leave me or hurt me. All the time for me you were calling. Now in love with you I have fallen. Just to know you Lord is amazing. Can’t believe my life is worth saving. Offering your joy overflowing. Melody of love you are singing.” Fred Hammond

I read Psalm 18 and I’m convicted
Realizing that in the times of trouble the secret tabernacle is my pavilion
The enemy creeps in,
The lion roars
And yet God responds with an earthshaking, ground quaking anger
Hearing me from my miry pit,
He inclines his ear for my sanctuary.
I scoff… the pit is where I feel worthy
the ropes that tighten around me are at once pleasing

And at last destructive
I feel unworthy.
Entangled by a flood of emotions that tells me to do what I want
Disregarding the love of a King for that of a proxy.
Silently I’m waiting for the rescue
Ignoring boats when the waves roll in
Dismissing first-aid as my body is cut and bruised.
Thinking at times the Almighty wouldn’t leave his shelter to save me.

Little ol’ me…
Needing the shield of a protector.
Needing the outstretched hands of a Savior
Wanting the forgiveness of a Compassionate Comforter.
Yet in the heat of the moment I lose my conviction.

If anything I would like to be invisible
Hoping that all you would see is his invincibility
He loves me
He loves me

And that thought above all else makes me shutter
shutter to think that He even likes me
I urge every eye to see
How AMAZING He is to me
Praise to my Rock!

Being his child brings infinite joy even in my heartache
Surefooted I stand firm on the ledge of life
My every thought of love is a shining example
That He loves me, He likes me, and I am His


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