Happier Than the Morning SUN!

“And I am happier than the morning sun, And that’s the way it will always be- That’s the way it will always be. Ever since the day you came inside of my life.” Stevie Wonder 

My fail-safe when life is crappy or when it’s great is a Stevie Wonder song. Today is no different. The elation that caused me to JUMP in my office and ruin my perfectly coiffed hair came from an unexpected source… Slimuel L. Jackson (@slimjackson) commented on my blog! I saw the email pop up and I literally stopped breathing! That’s two out of the countless writers on SingleBlackMale.org that have visited my site (the other being Wisdom Is Misery). Even better, they put it on twitter! I can’t even express in words or emoticons how pumped I am…

And how very humbled… I value their writing, their ability to reach a wide audience, the avenue that they have created for people to talk about real subjects, it’s all great! And I enjoy reading their work, I enjoy commenting and adding my own two cents, I like waking up in the morning to check my email and see what new topic they decided to explore…

I had to pause in the middle of a busy work day to say THANK YOU! Thank you to all of my readers, followers, commentors. I just write about my life, my emotions, and the everyday things that cause me to stumble and rise again. I appreciate the love, I appreciate the notice, I appreciate the shout out! Keep reading, and I’ll keep writing!

If you haven’t already checked out singleblackmale.org… DO IT! What are you waiting for? I’ve practically gushed their praises. They are inspiring. Don’t forget to check out @slimjackson, @wisdomismisery, @singleblackmale, @MrSpradley, @streetztalk, and @DrJayJack out on twitter. You can also see their works highlighted on my blogroll.

*Muah* from me to you!



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