New Year’s Anthem

“For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne. We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, For auld lang syne. ” Mariah Carey

If you know me you’ve probably heard me say, I need to get my life together. It’s my most frequent, albeit over used phrases. It’s catchy, convenient in long pauses, and most importantly true. I frankly hate the New Year, along with my birthday as another milestone reminding me how life is passing me by.

It’s funny, that on my 21st birthday the world was my oyster, as I approach my 24th birthday, it’s not time to take my lessons learned and roll with them.

I realize I have no idea what I want to do in life… *blank stare*. What happened between graduating four years ago and now? The famous euphemism in life, it happens when you least expect it and at times you can get politely derailed.

In that time of rude awakenings, I grew up. I honestly detest that because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my youthful exuberance, but I suppose it was time. In 2012, I’m going to stop trying to make a ten year timeframe of goals happen in two months. I’m going to relish the moment and live life in the now. All this living for the future has left me regretting the past.

My SMART goals for 2012:

1. Lose 30 pounds. I lost 30 in 2011, and though my goal was 60 I have enough sense and wherewithal to lose the rest this year. That means the gym 3x a week, no sweets, and no alcohol.

2. Go back to school. I graduated as a double language major, now I can barely string a few measly paragraphs together. So I’m going to take language classes at the community college. Along with some creative writing classes to be more structured in my writing and expressing my creativity.

3. Always leave the looking picture perfect. I’ve the house to run errands, to go to the city, to meet people looking like a absolute slob. Hair uncombed, face unwashed, clothes messy. Honestly, I need to do better. I don’t like seeing people out when I’m a bum, but I do it to stay off their radar. I vow to always leave the house looking picture perfect. Meaning I need to wake up in enough time to iron my clothes, do my hair, and put on some makeup.

4. Live more in the moment. I’m so concerned about tomorrow that I fail to see how beautiful today is. I work so hard, but at the end of the day what do I have to show for it, aside from steady employment? The subtext of that statement is that 2012 will signify me leaving DC. I think it’s time. After 8 years in this city, I’ve yet to fall in love or be fulfilled with it. So leaving is in the near future.

5. Budget myself accordingly. I want to boost my savings and maintain $500 in my checking account at all times. Basically I need to stop wasteful spending. Simple. Though I enjoy hanging out with people, going to dinner, grabbing drinks… it will have to happen less frequently.

The interesting thing about all of my New Year’s Resolutions (past and present) is that I start them on Christmas Day. For some reason that extra week makes it easier to keep them. Obviously, this means you’ll be seeing some updated posts about my NYRs every once and a while.

Readers: Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? How do you plan to make them stick? Anything carry over from 2011?


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  1. QuietGirl
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 13:58:15

    😥 You’re going to leave me!!! A little sad but I understand and am also kind of excited because this means I can come visit where ever you land 😉

    I have made New Year resolutions in the past. I’ve stuck with some but most went floating away after just a few weeks. But my goals now are more like life changes. I want to focus on getting in shape and eating healthy rather than losing weight. I won’t weigh myself for progress but I will measure how long it takes to run a few laps by March (right now I can’t even finish one lol) and get through this yoga dvd I have (thanks Jeanette Jenkins)!

    I also plan to explore the field of real estate. It’s brand new to me but something I’ve always been interested in. I also want to save moolah baby! My bank game is earning about a D right now. I hope to be at B- at least by the end of the year! And next year getting a 4.0!

    Of course I have my ongoing goals of gaining a stronger spiritual self, staying true to me, being a positive role model, and loving others as I want to be loved.

    In regards to you getting your life together….. Everything doesn’t need to be together as soon as you finish college. Life’s all about exploring and finding you’re path. Things happen, people change, passions change. Don’t beat yourself up kid. You’re awesome right now, right this moment! Just keep looking forward to the day that you figure out your purpose on this earth! Until then, rejoice in the fact that you care about your future enough to continuously ponder where you want to be and what you want to be doing!

    I love you chica!


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