No One Can Love You More

“No one can tell me, That I’m pretending, Why should I play games? Love’s not a play thing. Questions people ask of me, For loving you, Why should I say the reasons are my own? No one has wanted more than I want you, No one has needed more than I do, No one has wanted more than I want you, No one has needed more than I love you.” 

What girl doesn’t love a fairytale? A touch of romance, a hint of passion, the idea that your relationship has the potential to be the greatest love story ever told. Pages and pages of endless words written by devoted idealists, striving to prove one thing: true love.

Your one true match. The face of your destiny. Love.

I wish I would have kissed you more, calculated pressure perfectly placed in sensory delight; dozed in your crawl space engulfed in your scent.

I wish I could have captured your laugh in timeless capsules of memory; echoed your voice in bottomless pits. Felt the warmth of your whispers as you reach for me.

I wish I made moldings of your hands, slid into mine, wrapped over mountains, curled around wispy tendrils, scorched by spiral designs intricately carved for comfort.

I would have made you my home…Grown into maturity, tempered by time’s test: together.

I would dance masterpieces to your melody. Sing serenades to the beat of your eyelashes.

Lost time, lost opportunity, lost desire, lost in love… I (still) have moments of loss without you.

Every girl has day dreams of her happily ever after, but no one speaks of the curtain fall when the Prince tires of pretending…

W.E. Written after the dreams this movie inspired, dreams of him, dreams of us, memories unearthed. 


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  1. Jimmy Jacob (@Personalsfacts)
    May 08, 2012 @ 16:17:31

    I love your soundtrack of life, Leslie. Exactly my style–can’t say I can listen to Phyllis Hyman on any other blog.

    I’m sorry for your pain, doll. It seems to come and go in time–something our parents never taught us as a child to spare us from how obsessed we become over “kindred spirits.”

    However, I will tell you this: it will get easier, hun. You are so full of heart and although that opens you up to more pain, it also will open up more opportunities to find the love you deserve.

    Keep your head up!



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