“You can like the life you’re living, You can live the life you like, You can even marry Harry, But mess around with Ike, And that’s, Good, isn’t it?, Grand, isn’t it?, Great, isn’t it?, Swell, isn’t it?, Fun, isn’t it?, But nothing stays, In fifty years or so, It’s gonna change, you know, But, oh, it’s heaven, Nowadays”—

I’m learning the secret to happiness is loving the life you lead. Not every aspect of course. That would be asking too much. But in general being satisfied with whatever stage in life you’re at currently. Because it’s all designed for a purpose: the good the, the bad, and the beautiful desperation.

It’s all a complicated algorithm of lessons; a maze of numbers no mathematician can decipher. It’s the wonder of living versus the need to understand.

I spend a lot of time languishing in the injustices of life instead of appreciating the tests along the way.

You could wake up one day; argue over cheesecake with your husband only for him to later die in a freak motorcycle accident.

You could wait patiently for Christmas break only to have to rush home weeks before because your mother passed from kidney complications. Only you didn’t know she was sick in the first place.

You could find out your brother passed away in his sleep randomly from an enlarged heard that he’s had since birth and it was finally too big for his body.

Or you could be like me and find out your brother died on his way to the bathroom and no matter how hard the EMTs and doctors tried to resuscitate him he was gone. Cause of death unknown.

Life is like playing poker at a casino. You’re born seated at the table. You grow up learning the rules of the game. You can continue to place the same bet, you could risk it all, you could walk away to a different game, you could cheat and count cards—no matter what you do you don’t control the hand you’re dealt. You don’t get to decide whether the house will divvy out all aces or a jumble of faceless clubs and diamonds. But every day that you can still place a bet is another day with the potential to win big.


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