To Be Young, Gifted, & Black

“To be young, gifted and black, Oh what a lovely precious dream To be young, gifted and black, Open your heart to that I mean. In the whole world you know There are billion boys and girls Who are young, gifted and black, And that’s a fact!Oh but my joy of today Is that we can all be proud to say To be young, gifted and black Is where it’s at” Donny Hathaway Rendition

*Warning: Strong Language to Follow*

I know I’m a little late on this post considering the All-Nighter step show at UMCP happened about 3 weeks ago, but I to rid my body of the anger and disgust before I could actually write about the event.  In support of the greek organizations at UMD, I went to attend the annual All-Nighter. This event usually draws a large crowd of students (mainly minorities) to witness the self-proclamation and boasting of the divine 9 organizations.

As to be expected, in year order, the D9’s start their usual banter of aggrandizement of their own 3 letters while disparaging the other organizations that were founded before or after them. While the audience struggles to hear their exaggeration of brother-/sisterhood, superiority, and elitism, the rarely if active broad of letter wearers cat-call and bemoan their excellence overwhelming the actual performers. As the men gasconade their sexual prowess and the women bombast their beauty, we all watch in a mixture of horror and awe at the stifling hubris. Within a few minutes the disgraceful scene is over only to proceed with another self-satisfying spectacle. Of course as the jungle juice flows throughout the audience the acts become excessively more obscene and the other D-9 feedback more aggressive.

Normally, I don’t stay for these ventures because the act of self-professing while debasing a stranger is shameful in principle. But I agreed to pick up/drop off some undergrads who “really wanted to see the show”. Thus and therefore, I stayed and subjected myself to verbal violation. As typical as these events are year after year, it surprises me why there is always a huge turnout. The steps are always the same, and pretty much their performers are stagnant as well. The originality that once precluded a step show is lost in the lack of preparation and diligence on behalf of the performers. So were left with indiscriminate steps and scripted dialogue… oh the joy!

In the middle of a pretty forgettable show, the Omega’s get up to preen and peacock on stage. Normally I’m a strong supporter of Omega Psi Phi. Founded on the principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift these mighty men were very influential in striving for social justice and equality. Now their legacy strives for self showboating of a large penis. #fail# These dirty Q-dogs at UMCP succeeded in making a large ass of themselves while the audience shook their head and muttered “Niggas”.

Omega has a rich heritage to be protected, celebrated and enhanced! (directly from website). As much as I applaud the conviction behind the words, these ignorant, black-faced, puppets degraded and dishonored their organization by listing their sole assets as happy-meal sized dicks; and their manliness only visible through the Omega they’ve branded on their bodies. Cows, horses, and other purchasable flesh is branded… does that make them strong and mighty? Or just livestock without a choice?

“There are many notable Omega Men recognized as leaders in the arts, the sciences, academics, athletics, business, civil rights, education, government, and science sectors at the local, national and international level.” (Wikipedia) Unfortunately, none of those noteworthy men were at the step-show as many innocent by-standers were maced due to their Sambo-esq conduct on stage which in turn led to an outbreak between the Omegas and the Alphas. Ignorance. Here’s my question: do you let just anyone into your organization? “OPP seeks no man”, one of the offenders confessed and yet you have some fool with a mic declaring that he has a gun in his trunk if you have a problem with him. He perverts his fellow-man by stating that he sexually assaulted said man’s mother “from da back and she likes it raw”. WHAT THE HELL?

Is this the legacy that 3 prominent and politically concerned young men desired in 1911 when OPP was created? Is this the type of nonsensical immaturity that the founding brothers designed and declared for the organization? Moreover, what would your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin think if they heard how you demeaned women as a whole and elevated them to concubines, worthy of only your pleasure?

I was utterly disappointed by the antics of all the D9 groups that night but most importantly the Omegas. As a race we are already subjected to enough degradation and humiliation; we are the lowest caste in society, and yet we continue to perform and feed into the hype. We are destined for greatness. We have an African-American president who constantly combats the negative stereotype associated with his race. Where is our pride black people? Where is our stately air proclive by our ability to overcome and excel? We are a power to be reckoned with once we decide that we are not a product of our surroundings! We are young, gifted, & black… now start acting like it!


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  1. rdavis
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 12:12:45

    I looovvee this post. A true break down of the state that these, once hailed, organizations are in…if only more people could read it.


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